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Recent reviews of plays performed at American Theatre of Actors, ATA

Jane Culley


”Attention must be paid to Jane Culley’s performance or inhabitation of Emily Dickinson‘s feisty and vulnerable soul. The poetic benchmark of soul passion and delayed acknowledgment. Bravo to you for taking it to the public. “- Ina Chadwick

“Jane Culley was brilliant as Emily.” - Mark Barkan

“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Jane Culley” - Michael Bordwell

“A remarkable performance!” - Ina Chadwick

“Jane Culley was captivating” -Audience Member

“I saw Julie Harris do Belle of Amherst in 1976, 15 minutes in, I was lost, this performance out did her performance 100%.” - Mark Barkan

“A really stunning performance!” - Francine Witte

“What can I say? Jane‘s performance is one of the most brilliant I have ever seen in over 50 years of theatergoing” - Katherine Miller

”Simply a brilliant performance by Jane Culley” - Jacqueline Valluzzo

“Her (Jane’s) performance has changed my life - I have been a recluse like Emily. I think I can now go forward.” - Audience Member

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