Luna Blanca
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Delfino was born in the beautiful Harbor of Veracruz in 1965. His father was his main great inspiration. From Him he received the influence of the old jaraneros and troubadors that transcended into the forming of the group "Los Tigres de la Costa." Delfino is still the director of the group.

At the present time, this young musician interprets the arpa (harp) veracruzana which he designed. His instrument incorporates new rhythms, special effects, as well as his own techniques using a special accessory in the hand, a "key" that gives a unique sound to the harp. His group is formed by a new generation of Veracruzan musicians, Alex Garcia (keyboard), Carlos Mora (electric bass), and for this recording we added the talent of one of the most important Mexican percussionists, Antonio "Toño" Peregrino.

This album features a fortunate and delicious sound, a combination of virtuosity, jarochan tradition and contemporary vocation in which a new acoustic-electric concept unfolds. In a world full of varied proposals of harp music, where talents such as Roberto Perera, Carlos Guedes, Andreas Vollenweider, Benjamín Padilla, and the Harpestry project (Narada) have a major presence, it is comforting to find projects of the scope and style of Delfino Guerrero's.

(Excerpt: CD booklet)

Arpa, Playa y Café

A new generation of Musicians forms the label Café Caliente (Hot Coffee). One of those extraordinary musicians is Delfino Guerrero. Here he has constructed one of the most beautiful musical projects in recent memory. From the first time that you hear Delfino you will know immediately that you have an extraordinary musician on your hands, one with a well developed and very clear musical concept. His search for an authentic and personal sound took him through the path of understanding his roots, which are based in the jarocho culture, original from the state of Veracruz, Mexico.
Track List
  • María
  • Playa Colorado
  • Balada Para Adelina
  • Corazón de Niño
  • Las hojas Muertas
  • Let it Be
  • Bésame Mucho
  • Cascada
  • Piano
  • Moliendo Café
  • Recuerdo de Infancia
  • Yesterday
  • Quiet Man