Luna Blanca
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Un Beso a Esta Tierra  
"Beautiful and profoundly touching." -- Los Angeles Times

"As Jewish as Mexican, but more human than both." -- Rafael Rodríguez Barrera, Ambassador of Mexico in Israel

"A historic document of immense value." -- Die Linke, Austria

Un Beso a Esta Tierra (A Kiss for This Land)

This imaginative and fascinating feature looks at the Jewish immigration to Mexico in the 1920's and 1930's. It is a real story, greatly narrated by the same characters that arrived to a new land, leaving behind their communities in Turkey, Poland, Syria and Ukraine. It is an homage to a generation of these people, who revive their past by remembering the dreams that made them abandon their homes, the obstacles that they had to overcome on the way, and the way they have preserved the richness of their customs and traditions, adapting them with gratefulness to those of their new Mexican home.
Director: Daniel Goldberg Lerner
Starring: Zelig Schadower, Aaron Olivensky, Moisés Amkie, Abraham Goldberg, Susana Sevilla
Genre: Documentary
Format: VHS, Color, NTSC
Language: Spanish (w/ English subtitles)
Length: 93 minutes