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¡Bailemos Tango!

Tango is a song. Tango is a dance. Tango is a way of life. It is a tradition imbued with nostalgia, poetry, and the vitality of a country that gave birth to it in the dark, immigrant corners of its capital city, Buenos Aires.

¡Bailemos Tango! A Century of Tango on the Dance Floor was compiled by Argentinean salon-style Tango dancers and devoted Tango aficionados who hold a deep passion for Tango as well as an understanding of its intricacies. Including instrumental and vocal Tango, Valses, Milongas, and Canyengue, the tracks here span 1920-1990 and are all still popular at historic dance clubs frequented by local habitués in Buenos Aires.

Delfino Guerrero

A new generation of Musicians forms the label Café Caliente (Hot Coffee). One of those extraordinary musicians is Delfino Guerrero. His search for an authentic and personal sound took him through the path of understanding his roots, which are based in the jarocho culture, original from the state of Veracruz, Mexico. The result is a fortunate and delicious combination of virtuosity, jarochan tradition and contemporary vocation in which a new acoustic-electric concept unfolds.


"The remarkable thing about Quetzalcóatl is that their music 'talks' to our roots as human beings...
It goes from their hearts to ours."
-- Edward James Olmos

14 songs. 30 instruments. Traditional music from 5 regions of Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela. This award-winning, unforgettable CD also includes a 32-page music history booklet with exceptional translations of all songs.


Taumbú, a native of South Central Los Angeles, has over 30 years experience as a bandleader, producer, arranger, composer and teacher. Of African-American descent, Taumbú has spent most of his adult life living in both Mexico and the U.S. His band, Taumbú International Ensemble, is one of the most under recognized yet well respected Latin Music groups in the Los Angeles area. They have performed at such venues as the World Jazz Festival in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, The Santa Barbara International Jazz Festival, The Tortola International Jazz Festival in the Virgin Islands, and San Diego's famed "Street Scene."

Taumbú has recorded with Jazz great Horace Tapscott, and his first CD, Song to the Ancestors, has received tremendous critical acclaim, rising to #10 in the Midwest U.S. The title track of the CD was also featured on the sound track for the documentary, Masters of Invention. The Taumbú International Ensemble's newest CD, Encantado, features eight incredible tracks of son, flamenco, blues, bolero and afro-cuban / afro-latin jazz. It also features stunning performances by Felicidad (lead vocals) and over 20 talented jazz musicians.

Astrid Hadad

Yolanda Mendiola Y Armando Gutiérrez